I count myself lucky to have worked with Elsie. She is simply one of the very best around and I would not hesitate to work with her again on pretty much any design challenge.

Sometimes in your career you find someone with that cutting edge eye for detail, that can also think conceptually, get under the skin of a brief, work a deadline like no other, and just be an absolute shining star for all those around her. Occasionally you get to work with a few of those people, and on a very rare occasion you get to work with one of those people multiple times.

Strategy & Planning Lead

Elsie is easily one of the best designers I've had the pleasure of working with.

I am always impressed with her ability to bring a more conceptual perspective to my briefs – interrogating the details and considering her approach to ensure her design elevates the idea. With an infectious energy and enthusiasm that is a benefit to any team or organisation, she always brings her A-game and delivers the highest quality output. I desperately hope we get to work together more in the future!

Strategy Director

Elspeth is incredibly driven, and brings infectious enthusiasm to any team she's leading, inspiring them to create the best work of their careers.

She has the unique ability to tackle any problem creatively, resulting in a piece of design so beautiful you'd want to have it framed and hanging in your living room. Her skill and sunny attitude make her a brilliant addition to any team!

Product Design leader

Elsie is one of those Lead Designers that remembers all the links in the chain, one of the best team players I've worked with.

She brings excitement and creativity to her work, and has the ability to think both strategically and conceptually, meaning any work she produces, is not only beautifully designed but 100% considered from a client, agency and consumer/user perspective too. She is confident to fight the corner of great design vs the old JFDI, with a cool head and worthwhile rationale. She's also the most positive, fun and inclusive person to work with, and has a massively infectious grin – an asset to any team and any agency.

Senior Project Manager

Elsie is an 'infectious' designer. Let me explain. She has a will, passion and desire to do the best work which rubs off to the team around her (not just the design team).

She is a brilliant designer that just gets on with it. The 'it' could be anything – charming, thoughtful, challenging, exciting, different or fun work. She does this with an elegance and unflappable grace. She presents brilliantly – clients love her. She's polite, funny, kind and goofy. Oh and did I say she's a real team player too? She is. She throws herself into every team building exercise going. Softball, Tough Mudder, charity, ice cream runs, tea runs, event nights... the lot. She is an absolute dream to work with – I loved working with her (and around her) when I was at Prox. She is a wonderful human being and you'd be lucky to employ her.

Senior Art Director

As an agency leader the question you always ask of the people you work with is 'if I was doing a start-up who would I take with me?'

Well across a 20 year agency career I can say that Elsie is high on my 'steal' list. She combines incredible can-do energy, total commitment to quality, and a superb creativity in both generating ideas and how to best visualise them. Elsie is also what I term a Culture Creator – she not only embodied the special Proximity culture, she deepened and enriched it, always at the centre of everything that was good at the agency. Would I recommend Elsie – well she's like a jewel you find that you should just keep to yourself, but can't resist telling everyone about – hell yes, I recommend her!

Chief Operating Officer

Elsie!!! I’m in love. You know the inside of my mind. This looks so amazing. No words. What are the next steps?

Founder of Artists’ Way Agency

Omgosh Elspeth that’s amazing!! Yes yes yes. I wasn’t really sure how to bring my personality into it... this is so perfect.

Founder & Director of Mama Bird 

Honestly am so excited by the branding! Thalia (my wife) ADORED the look in its entirety! She said it was 'very you'!

Founder of Mind & Matter

Being a designer, Elsie doesn’t just  provide a design – instead she is well aware of the technical challenges and difficulties in converting that design to reality.

She has a great creativity which makes her ready with multiple options whenever we go back to her with any query. Very helpful, she listens carefully and always supports you and your ideas. I’ve worked with many different brands and designers in my career, but the amount of creativity that Elsie has is just marvelous... It has been a wonderful experience working with her ❤️

Team lead & front end developer for Rolls Royce