Voices of Ireland is a new-age choir, with a discernible youthful energy and distinctive flair led by it’s director, Desmond Early.

Create an identity for the choir that reflected their sophisticated tone and stood out from the fairly underdeveloped landscape of choral brands. 

The end result is a dramatic and engaging identity that incorporates typographic elements and colour that reflects a modern Irish brand. The depth and dynamic appearance are a tribute to how the music makes you feel. 

• Conceptual ideation
• Creative Direction

• Brand Identity
• Art Direction

• Printed Collateral


My challenge with the branding was was to create something that reflected Irish music and literature, without falling into the clichés of Celtic signals.

I started by researching celtic fonts and recreating the elements I found intriguing in the letters of the typeface.

The final logo is a unique typeface design with subtle hints towards celtic serifs. The central ‘S’ was added later in the design process to connect the dynamic enthusiasm of a conductor directing his choir. 

The logo has hints of celtic typography with the dynamicism of a choral director. 

Have a listen!