Mind & Matter is a new kind of change consultancy. They understand the psychological and structural factors around restructuring roles, tasks, teams and processes.

Create an identity that reflects both people and change, is sophisticated, approachable and stands out to peers on LinkedIn. 

A dynamic and elegant brand that reflects change through typography and simple graphics. 
In addition to the logo, I supplied an extended suite of elements that are interchangeable and regonisable so the brand can develop as the company does.  

• Conceptual development
• Brand Identity
• Brand Architecture

• Photo Art Direction
• Web Design concepts

• Social Strategy


After talking with Andrew and understanding his process, it was clear that we needed to show the connection between people and the change they go through.  
I simplified ‘people’ to a dot – which could be seen literally (birds eye view), or as a ‘head count’ in data. It was important that the journey wasn’t linear, but instead showed change of direction, up’s and downs.

The result is a combination of a brave client, the perfect font and some lush colours reflective of office layouts from the 1950s (Mad Men and Queen's Gambit era).

Listen below to my in-depth thoughts on the concept and other design decisions. 

Woke up this morning... and still love it!! Thank you again so much Elsie.

Andrew Waddell
Founder, Mind & Matter

Honestly am so excited by the branding! Thalia (my wife) ADORED the look in its entirety! She said it was 'very you'!

Andrew Waddell
Founder, Mind & Matter