Mama Bird is a service set up to offer a moment of freedom or an extra pair of hands during the messy & magical first 6 months of motherhood.

Create a brand that is trustworthy, reflective of an organised environment but still has a sense of fun. 

I developed a design for Mama Bird that has a personality you can trust. By combining illustrative patterns and the Mamabird ‘badge’ it creates the perfect balance of fun and function, chaos and control. 

Tone of voice helped to bring personality into the brand and reinforce the supportive and understanding values of the company. 

• Research

• Conceptual development
• Brand Identity
• Tone of voice guide
• Brand Architecture

• Web Design concepts
• Social Strategy

Early concepts:

Final conceptual idea:


After being distracted by trying to draw the perfect motherly bird with big hugging arms, I switched tack. 

I wanted the brand to be trustworthy and reflective of an organised environment, not just cute. I also wanted to create a recogniseable identity that had a real concept behind it to make Mama Bird stand out from a very gentle landscape. 

The end result is a combination of both the nest and the home, to form a sort of badge that represents the stellar service that Mama Bird provides. 

Omgosh Elspeth that’s amazing !! Yes yes yes. I wasn’t really sure how to bring my personality into it ...this is so perfect.

Claire Davy
Founder, Mama Bird