Artists’ Way is a holistic PR agency that aims to serve the musician and their story instead of the industry ego.  

Create an identity that reflects the mission and commitment we will make to the artists we represent. 

A simple, flexible and distinctive identity that provides a framework to shine a light on the work the agency does and the artists it represents. 

• Conceptual development
• Brand Identity
• Brand Architecture

• Art Direction
• Typographic design

• Social Strategy


I went back to the essence of what Elspeth believed the agency would do – amplify voices of artists with open and honest storytelling and provide young creators the framework to promote their music in their own way.

I did a lot of research into heraldry (a broad term for the design and meaning behind crests and coat of arms) and then developed the idea of the ‘blank crest’. The concept of the crest is to represent Artists’ Way providing a framework (guidance, valuable insight and the tools) for creators to promote their music in their own way.

Listen to me explaining the concept in more depth: 

Elsie!!!! I’m in love. 

You know the inside of my mind. These look amazing. No words. What are the next steps? I’m SUPER happy. Thank you.